September Favourites

This month I've been loving a few things I have been experimenting with for a while and some new items. So if you want ideas for products which reduce waste and put less strain on your purse/wallet keep reading. Firstly, my love for coconut oil has been rejuvenated! I forgot how good it is for... Continue Reading →


Job anxiety

Ever felt anxiety about finding a job? Nervous for an interview or overwhelmed by job search sites? These past two weeks my phone screen smashed, my laptop broke and my car needs repairing. And I have a holiday booked for September. So money is tight. Don't really know how I'm going to afford to do... Continue Reading →

Vegan Oreo Truffles – Recipe

After seeing a friend make Oreo chocolate truffles I decided I wanted to make my own and make them vegan πŸ™‚Β  I made them with my boyfriend and they went down a treat. My dad has been raving about them ever since. In his own words, "they are the best sweet treat he has had... Continue Reading →

Ethical Clothing Haul

Hi Folks! Last weekend I went to aΒ festival called Summer Madness. It was set inΒ Glenarm and had different stalls. IΒ am an ethics searcher and have been aware of human rights issues with clothing for many years. However I haven't been educated much on the environmental impact of fashion.Β For years I haven't bought from Primark andΒ I... Continue Reading →

Vegan Scones

I found that quite a lot of the pre-prepared baking products in Tesco are vegan. Some require eggs but then you can just use an egg replacer. Firstly I made the Tesco scones mixture. They didn't turn out exactly like scones but they are very yummy and they got my family's approval πŸ™‚ Recipe: You... Continue Reading →

May Favourites

The month of May has been a busy one for me. Therefore I have bought a few different things and have been wearing make-up a lot more.Β So I thought I would share what I have been loving this month.   1. This Watermelon T-shirt by Sassy Spud: I bought it at the Irish Vegan Festival... Continue Reading →

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