Intro to this Blog

As I write, I am sitting with my family as they watch Star Trek. Not everyone’s normal Sunday night…

I thought I would finally begin my own blog. I tried to write a blog before but I had less of an idea of what I was doing and didn’t have as much commitment or excitement to follow it through consistently. I did about 3 posts and didn’t tell anyone except my boyfriend that I wrote it. This time will hopefully be different.

The reason for the name Striving for Balance is because I struggle to balance my mental health, food choices, fitness and life in general. I want to share my journey as I strive to provide balance in all areas of my life. This is a journey of acceptance and loving life in the present.

My blog will include topics such as; mental health, minimalism, recipes, university, faith, fitness and my adventures.

I want to write about what I am passionate about so these topics might change as I grow and change but let’s see where this blog ends up.  🙂

See you next time!

Eloise x


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