My Journey to the Plant based life

Food is a big part of my life. I am guilty of being a foodie…and PROUD hehe. So I wanted to share with you my journey of what I eat and why.

Around 2 years ago I started to look into veganism. For around a year I hardly ate meat and periodically cut down my dairy intake.

I then officially became vegetarian (alongside my brother). It was kind of an accidental process. I had been cutting down meat and dairy a lot but would still have some things when I wanted. But then my dad told people at a church lunch that I was vegetarian so I didn’t feel like I could suddenly start eating meat. So I have been vegetarian ever since. I still laugh with him about this push into the diet change.

I was happy for this push as I have always had the intention of going vegan. However I find when I say I can’t have something I crave it more. Therefore I have come to the decision for now that I have accepted I may never be ‘fully’ vegan. This came about by discovering the term PLANTBASED. From my understanding it basically means a diet of mostly plants but some meat and dairy products. I don’t eat meat but I do have dairy sometimes.


The reason I decided plant-based life was the one for me was due to a few factors:


  • I don’t like restriction/knowing I can’t do something
  • Socially with family members it is hard to be vegan (in my circumstances)
  • I don’t want to be rude in social situations if someone has put effort into making a meal
  • It can be stressful in foreign countries and or in cafes/restaurants. Foreign countries are hard if you don’t know the language to read ingredients or ask. Restaurants are hard for me as I am already an anxious person so asking staff about specifics is hard for me.


Now I know what you are thinking, could you not change some of these factors? And yes I could but I am on a journey and I want to be honest about where I am at the moment. I have been constantly stressing about begin perfectly vegan and I decided to stop caring what people think or if I’m ‘perfect’ enough and just eat in the way that suits me personally at this time.

Although this is where I am I will hopefully be able to influence some of these factors in future. So if I find these situations/scenarios easier in future then I will update you.


Have a great day! 🙂


Eloise x





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