Day Trips in Northern Ireland – My Easter Holidays

About a month ago I bought a car. And I am loving it!! It provides so much freedom to go and explore wherever I want.

During my Easter break  I went to a few different places in Northern Ireland. So I’m going to share with you a few great places to go if visiting this part of the world.


Firstly I went to Tollymore Forest Park and Newcastle. Tollymore is a forest park which I grew up going to a lot throughout my childhood and I love it. It has a lot of happy memories for me but it is also a beautiful place to explore and has great walks. If you are feeling more adventurous it has camping facilities which I am yet to try and plenty of picnic tables to have a barbecue at. It has a walk by the river, stepping stones, long walks and a small lake/pond. So it basically has everything 🙂


Tollymore is really close to the town of Newcastle which is also a lovely wee place to visit. Me and my boyfriend enjoyed going to Mauds and playing some arcade games. It has amazing scenery with the beach and Mourne mountains behind. It also has swan paddle boats which are a lot of fun.

Newcastle also has the entrance to the hike up Slieve Donard, one of the Mourne mountains and the highest point in Northern Ireland. On another occasion during Easter I went up one of the trails at Slieve Donard for a sponsored walk. We didn’t do a summit walk but it was still a pretty tough walk and had gorgeous views.


Then for my last day trip me and my boyfriend went to Portrush. We went on Easter Monday and it was extremely crazy, we were actually very lucky to get a parking space. Therefore I would recommend going not an such a busy holiday. It has different activities such as fair ground rides, arcades and food but what I love about it is the views and the beach.


Just wandering around on a sunny day by the sea is bliss. It is quite touristy at times so it isn’t my favourite place and won’t be for everyone but it’s a fun place to check out for a few hours!

So that’s everywhere I have been this Easter. I hope you have maybe found somewhere you would like to go or are inspired to explore northern Ireland and be with nature. 🙂


We can all find our balance,

Eloise x





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