Ethical Clothing Haul

Hi Folks!

Last weekend I went to a festival called Summer Madness. It was set in Glenarm and had different stalls. I am an ethics searcher and have been aware of human rights issues with clothing for many years. However I haven’t been educated much on the environmental impact of fashion. For years I haven’t bought from Primark and I used to only buy from vintage or second hand stores but recently I have become very lazy and complacent about my impact on the world and others accross the globe.

At Summer Madness, I went to a seminar by Tearfund, a charity, about how to live more ethically. It reminded me of the environmental impact of fashion and beauty and how our everyday purchases affect so many areas of life. Therefore I wanted to recommit to trying to be more ethical with my clothing choices.

I have also been trying to keep my wardrobe minimalistic. However I haven’t had enough tops or t-shirts recently which I feel good in. So I bought some at Summer madness. I will now share with you what I bought.

  1. Firstly I bought a t-shirt from a company called Outside In. Their Instagram says, “bridging the Gap Between Society and Those without a home.” This is their aim. They are using the concept of wear one and share one. So when you buy one of their products you are given a free product to share with someone who is homeless or ask the company to do it on your behalf. I think it is such an incredible concept and the founder of this company speaks so passionately about the clothing brand. I decided to buy their black t-shirt in a small and I opted to let them give out the extra product. Their Website is   IMG_20170705_200720_488


2. I also bought a T-shirt from Tearfund.

This T-shirt is made by a company called Neutral. Their website is . As you can see in the photo they are conscious of all the ethical matters when it comes to making clothes; the people, the environment and the materials.


3. Thirdly I bought a festival merchandise T-shirt for Summer Madness. When buying it I wondered about where it was sourced to know if it was ethical and when I looked at the label I recognised it. It was the same company that my watermelon top is sourced from. If you are interested in this awesome top it is from So I bought the Summer Madness T-shirt hoping it actually was ethical and thankfully it was. The company is called Bella and Canvas; they are a wholesale clothing distributor. They are WRAP certified and if you follow the following link you can read for yourself what this means.

For future I will now know this company is good to buy from when buying from small companys using such wholesalers.



Hopefully these company recommendations will help some of you when looking to buy some new clothing.

I will try to keep myself accountable here as I am saying now that I am going to make a much bigger effort to buy ethically for most of , if not all of my clothing.

Good luck to all of you fellow ethic searchers trying to become aware of companies providing the basic standards all companies should be following.

Talk soon,

Eloise xx



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