Ultimate Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty guide

If you are anything like me you strive to be cruelty free and want to buy vegan beauty products but you can never remember, when you are in as shop, which products are ok. Well I have been researching for you and partly for myself to have this guide of what makeup and skincare products are cruelty free and/or vegan. Now I can just look back at this when I’m browsing round Superdrug and know what is ok to buy. Being ethical isn’t that hard as there are far more options now than ever before…but in my experience I am never prepared and I am not the sort of person who can remember random facts so I need it written down in an organised way. I am now going to pledge to myself and to you that I am going to be buying completely cruelty free and a lot more vegan from now on….as I no longer have an excuse! I hope you get use out of this guide and maybe find a new brand you hadn’t heard of before 🙂 happy shopping! x

P.s As I find more cruelty free and vegan products/brands I will update these Lists.

Cruelty free makeup brands:


Cruelty free skincare brands:


Vegan makeup:


Vegan skincare:




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