September Favourites

This month I've been loving a few things I have been experimenting with for a while and some new items. So if you want ideas for products which reduce waste and put less strain on your purse/wallet keep reading. Firstly, my love for coconut oil has been rejuvenated! I forgot how good it is for... Continue Reading →


Job anxiety

Ever felt anxiety about finding a job? Nervous for an interview or overwhelmed by job search sites? These past two weeks my phone screen smashed, my laptop broke and my car needs repairing. And I have a holiday booked for September. So money is tight. Don't really know how I'm going to afford to do... Continue Reading →

Ethical Clothing Haul

Hi Folks! Last weekend I went to a festival called Summer Madness. It was set in Glenarm and had different stalls. I am an ethics searcher and have been aware of human rights issues with clothing for many years. However I haven't been educated much on the environmental impact of fashion. For years I haven't bought from Primark and I... Continue Reading →

May Favourites

The month of May has been a busy one for me. Therefore I have bought a few different things and have been wearing make-up a lot more. So I thought I would share what I have been loving this month.   1. This Watermelon T-shirt by Sassy Spud: I bought it at the Irish Vegan Festival... Continue Reading →


Minimalism....what is this? does it mean I have to get rid of everything I love? Is it just a trend? These are questions I first asked when I heard about minimalism. But through YouTube I have been intrigued by the concept of having less. But why? What's the point? Let's firstly clarify what I mean... Continue Reading →

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